Top 3 Recommended US Comedy Series and Why

Laughter is the medicine that cures practically all illnesses per say. If you are having a long day, you only need to switch on your television and look for something funny to cheer up your day. If you are feeling sad, lonely, and or depressed your antidepressant is just a click away. Unlike before the internet was invented and you had to get home to watch funny videos to lift your spirits. It is now easier than ever; you can watch your favorite clips, and videos at a single click of your mobile phones, laptops, and ipads. A recent study has proved that watching funny cat videos can raise your mood and improve your work performance.


Below are three of the best all-time US comedy series.


  1. Friends

This romantic comedy series built on six main characters that depict the day to day struggles in different activities. The show had ten seasons each with 24 episodes except season 6 with 25 episodes and season 10 with 18 episodes. This show showcases different themes like career issues where Rachel is mostly job seeking, and the same goes for Joey. There are also relationship aspects with the characters having different sorts of bonds and regularly going out.

This is a must watch sitcom if you’re looking for relatable day to day situations. This show is  a good place to get easy kitchen island ideas. It is also perfect if you want to watch something that has already withstood the test of time and came out victorious.


  1. The Big Bang Theory


This series is focused on five people’s lives that are way too contrasting. Penny an aspiring actress who is a waitress is in the midst of socially odd Sheldon and Leonard who are physicists and Raj an astrophysicist and Howard, an aerospace engineer. It is impossible not to see the awkwardness that always arises among these five because of their different careers and social lives. This show is currently in its eleventh and final season.


If you are interested in having various viewpoints and want to figure out how geekiness affects people social skills, then look no further.


  1. How I Met Your Mother


This is a hilariously told story of how a man met the mother of his two kids David and Lyndsy. The story is set in the present, and therefore all the events are flashbacks. Uniquely, all characters in this series have their lives mainly involved with each other. This series has nine seasons.


If you are a family person looking forward to hilariously tell your children of your past encounters then this is what you need. There are a variety of euphemisms that you can borrow from Ted.


The above-mentioned series are unique because they feature our day to day lives in unique ways that we can easily relate to at any given moment. It is no wonder that they have gained people’s support and craze to a majority of people and having worldwide fans. If you have not yet watched either of these, then you need to start too. It is a guarantee that they will make your days eventful.